Saturday, September 20, 2008

Here I go again..

I am promising this is my last "move". I have a hard time remembering passwords and usernames when I don't blog much. I hope to get back into blogging. I miss all my blogging friends and feel very bad for not keeping up like I want to. I am very busy these days as some of you may know with school and work. I have been in college (online) for almost a year now. Here lately I have been struggling with Algebra, anyone good with graphs?

Can you believe it is almost fall? This is my favorite season and I enjoy all the festivals that come in the fall time. They have the Apple Festival in Ellijay that I hope to go to this year with my family. I am looking trying to find a few others for us to enjoy this year.

Amber is doing great, she is now a middle schooler. I can't believe my baby is a preteen and she has the attitude to go with it. They just grow up too quickly. She is playing clarinet this year and doing pretty good with learning how to play it.

Jeff is great, he is getting his own Domino's store soon. I am so proud of him. He has worked so hard at the current store as assistant manager and now is being promoted to General manager at another store. And I am so happy it is only one town away. I was so worried he would be up in Atlanta somewhere. His district manager supervises 9 different stores in the surrounding area. So he was blessed to be so close to home.

Anyone seen the movie "Igor" yet? Amber and I saw this movie last night and it was cute. We enjoyed our "mommy and daughter" time. We went window shopping before we went to the movie at The Halloween Store, Michael's, and Goodwill. I saw alot of stuff I wanted at Michael's but what I got was under$2. I got a cute little chandlier foam ornament. I think I am going to "glitter" it up. Also a two pack of picture frames for .49! Can you believe it????!! I plan on making something with these, because they are the bigger frames for like posters. Who knows what I will create. And also a cute journal for Amber. At Goodwill I got a cute tin (to add to my collection) with a music box someone made into the is neat. I also got a unused Pirate Scrapbook kit (paper and stickers). I was shocked to see scrapbook stuff there.

Well I believe that is all for now..gone to play around with my new blog and get my links uploaded.