Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Long weekend..

I have had a wonderful long, four day weekend. Enjoying time with my family, cleaning a bit and just overall being lazy for the most part. Amber is out of school this week for spring break so I wanted to at least take a few days with her. We visited an old friend of mine on Sunday and Amber will be spending time with her tomorrow night. They are having a girls night. I went ahead and gave Amber her Easter basket this past weekend because she will be with her Dad on Easter weekend. Things like this are hard for me but I am willing to share because it is his weekend.

My Mom is doing okay. I have been very worried about her. She had cardioversion done two weeks ago and the effects of the cardioversion lasted only a few days. She went right back into A-fib at her next cardiologist appointment. She was very discouraged and has become very depressed. I try to keep her in good spirits but I know she is tired from all of this. They put her on a stronger medicine to hopefully convert her but to give her some stamina. So far it has been making her feel worse so we will see what the cardiologist says tomorrow. They are already talking about a second cardioversion.

I have had alot of my plate lately but hopefully soon I can clear my mind more and keep optomistic. I still feel run down but I know there is light at the end of the tunnel soon. I have a loving family and I am trying to focus on that to pull me through all of this. I plan on taking a mini vacation this summer and hopefully be able to take Mom with us. She has not been on a vacation in many years. She needs that. Please keep us in your prayers everyone in blog land. Okay I a off to read a few blogs...trying to play catch up..