Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Renewal of myself

I have been at home for two days..and have been thinking of things I want to accomplish and do this coming year. I have many goals but I need to start putting them down on paper or better yet on my blog so I can make sure that I will accomplish or try to make them. I miss blogging as it was always a way I could express myself and if no one reads this I am fine with that. Here is my list of things I would like to accomplish or do this coming year:
  • Find my crafty "self" again..I miss creating things even if they were small things.
  • Lose fifty more pounds before next fall.
  • Study and take my RHIT exam by fall.
  • Start planning our family vacation now. It helped so much last year by planning in advance last year. Mermaids here we come! (Tybee Island)
  • Organize my craft stuff and maybe start a side business. My daughter just reminded me how crafty I was and she misses that. 
I am sure my list will grow but for now that is what I have. Being snowed/iced in has given me time to think about things I want to do this coming year. Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!