Sunday, October 3, 2010

Weekend fun

We have had a busy but fun weekend so far...
Friday we went to the mall with Amber and some of her friends. We actually had a great time looking at all the stores and I even scored a few deals at the Lane Bryant store. We went to Kohl's to get a wedding gift for some friends of ours that got married yesterday. Their wedding was so beautiful and so much fun. Their little wedding cake had sock monkey's on them:

Their motto is that "Monkey's make everything fun". I loved it. As the bride was saying her vows I got choked up too the emotion in her voice and quivering you could definitely feel how much she loved this man.It was so heart touching to see this.

It was a wonderful day of fun with friends. I love these two ladies so much. Jessica is my best bud and Mitzi is my friend I walk with whom I tell all my secrets to we have much needed "therapy" sessions during our lunch walk. We work together also. And now today is back to the grind yes I work on the weekends with my part time job and I need to finish my ethics memo for school. But it was nice to break up the routine of my usual weekends and have a little fun.