Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Time to start planning

I have been a nervous wreck these past few months with so much going on in my life. My Mom's health hasn't been very good but she is starting to become stable again and I am so blessed she is still in my life. Also I just recently graduated from college with my A.S. in Health Information Technology. I plan on pursuing my bachelors in Health Information Administration after this semester. I needed a little time off. But the big thing I am starting to plan for is mine and Jeff's wedding. I don't even know where to begin! We are saving up money for expenses and a small honeymoon over a weekend but we haven't "set" a date yet. This is mainly because of financial reasons but we are thinking later in this year or early next year. I want to do something simple and very budget friendly. And I of course will be putting my creative hat on soon to think of decorations, color scheme, etc. More than likely it will be an outdoor wedding with a handful of close friends and family. I am very excited about starting this journey and will post some inspiration pictures on my blog. I miss blogging. Facebook is great but just sitting down and writing about my day or what I am feeling is something I miss. If anyone has any budget ideas for weddings please send them my way.