Friday, July 10, 2009

What a great week!

I had the best week, even though it has been pretty hectic at work. Wednesday was my birthday and Mom and Jeff had a surprise for me. I had thought we were going to the SS office for Mom so I got off work at 12pm. Well when I got in the car, Mom said surprise we are going to Grandma's. She said our gift can't fit in the mailbox and Grandma told me I would have to come and get it. I was totally surprised. When we get to Grandma's she told me that my gift was a new car! I was floored! It is a 2001 Ford Focus! I was sooooo happy. I have needed a car for a while now as mine died, the one I bought back earlier this year so this was exactly what I wanted and needed. We ate out for my birthday at a little chinese resturant and visited with Grandma for a bit and then traveled back home. We didn't get back until almost 9pm. I had a very blessed birthday and one of the best yet. Jeff had known about my surprise for almost a week before we went, he was busy getting insurance on the car and talking to Mom about it. They are so sneaky and I love them both so much. This weekend we might go out for drinks and dancing. I am very excited about that and also my friend Sheri is coming home from California for a while so I will get to spend some "girly" time with her. Well that is about all going on. Hopefully my blog posts will be more frequent..and hopefully I can start keeping up better with my blogging buds. I miss yall. Have a great weekend everyone!