Sunday, January 25, 2009

Guess what?

I got a new (used) car today!!! I was so excited since I haven't had a car *really* since November when I was in my car wreck. I have been so scared to drive too but I got back on the road today and drove it home. I can't wait to drive it to work next week. I know I am such a dork to have such small things mean so much, but they do.

Tomorrow I am off from work...trying to destress from work and school. I am a little burned out. But I really took off because my Mom has a doctor's appointment in the morning and I want to make sure everything is okay with her. I still need to finish up our old house, we need to finish up with cleaning and moving everything to the storage unit.

So what has everyone been up to? Noone comes by to see me anymore..sniff sniff...


foodiechickie said...

I get excited for small things too!

But driving again and a new car is big! Congrats!

And congrats on the move!

Lisanne said...

Congratulations on the new car! That's awesome! And what a nice picture of you and G. in your sidebar. I hope that your mom will be OK. How's she doing now? I'm sorry that I haven't stopped by more. I'm so behind on blog reading. :(